Blossom Valley PONY Baseball Safety and Training Program

BV Institutes Pitch Counts To Our Pitching Programs

PONY stands for Protect Our Nation’s Youth. While we are proud of our league that provides a great balance between instruction and competition, the arms of young players are our constant concern. Without proper knowledge, players, coaches and parents can put their players at risk for developing arm injuries. Beginning this year, the board will be working with coaches, players and parents to more closely monitor pitch counts. We understand that pitch counts only tell part of the story, but much research is available and medical professionals have offered their advice to parents and leagues.

As such we have added pitch count guidelines to our rules and regulations. Managers will report pitch counts of their players to their respective division directors:

Pitch Count Limitations: Pitchers shall not exceed the number of pitches per game or pitches per season (including playoffs) according to the following chart. PONY Innings Pitched rules still apply.

Division # of Pitches per game # of Pitches per season
Pinto 50 600
Mustang 63 750
Bronco 75 900
Pony 85 1000
Colt/Palomino N/A N/A

Enforced: Regular and playoff season
Regular and playoff season (combined)

Why the New Release Forms?

Local sports organizations across the county are being sued at an alarmingly rate. Coaches, managers, board members, parents and participants are all at risk of being sued for an endless list of “negligent” acts. A comprehensive waiver/release form is a good first line of defense. A comprehensive waiver/release form also serves as a means to educate participants as to the risks associated with sports.

Many things are in place to keep our kids and fans safe, but besides shutting down the league to avoid all risk, what can we, as a league, do to protect ourselves? Here are some options.

1. Educate all participants of the potential risks participating in a sports league.

2. Ensure coaches and participants obey league regulations designed to reduce accidents and injuries.

3. Purchase insurance to cover accidents and injuries.

4. Add nets and fences where reasonable to protect fans.

Keeping Your Child¬†“Safe”

You can’t actually keep your child “safe”, no matter what the activity. “Safety” -to many people today- is “the absence of risk”. This is not possible or reasonable. You can’t really keep your child “safe” using this definition even if he is engaged in nothing at all! Your child growing up to appreciate the game of baseball can be a lifelong gift you give to him. Not letting him play because you are afraid he might get hurt is just not a good reason.

At Blossom Valley PONY Baseball, we are dedicated to helping children learn and appreciate the game of baseball in an organized and safe atmosphere. We take many steps as a league and as coaches to keep the kids as safe as possible. However, baseball is not risk-free and neither is life. Baseball teaches us a lot about life.

There are many things you can do as a parent to help your child learn to play baseball and reduce the chances of injury. Your coaches will address the main consideration: developing baseball skills. Learning to throw, catch, slide and hit properly will reduce the chance of injury dramatically. The drop down menu at the top of the page and it’s subsequent pages contain many good starting points.

Please feel free to email the BVPB Safety Director at any time if you have comments, questions or concerns.

Safety Videos
Video on hydration.

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Injury Report

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