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Presidents Message 2018

03/16/2018, 9:45am PDT
By Webmaster

Dear Parents,

Like America, the Bay Area and the South Bay in the past 38 years, Blossom Valley PONY Baseball has undergone a lot of change and survived through some turbulent times.

Our nation, and the world, are going through turbulent times right now.

Baseball has always provided a safe and peaceful respite from those troubled times. And this year, as in many years past, we welcome the start of the 2018 season as a much needed pleasant distraction.

The smell of grass, the sunshine, the cracking of the bat, the morning dew on the dug-out bench, the first grass stain or dirt stain on a brand-new uniform, the clapping and roaring of the families all conspire to beguile us from the troubles of the world.

Troubles will pass, and someday return. But baseball has been and always will be there to salve our wounds and provide a catharsis for our troubled minds in a troubled world.

Turbulent times lead to change. The country and the world will continue to change. Blossom Valley PONY Baseball will continue to change. No player, coach or board member stays forever.

But with luck the game of baseball will always be there to boost our spirits and remind us of what is good in the world.

Welcome to the 2018 season of Blossom Valley PONY Baseball. Thank you for being a part of this organization. I wish you safe and happy year.


John Hughes


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